Who is Biologist?

It would have been impossible to actively develop the science of nature and study the interaction of living beings with our environment without specialists, known as biologists. They not only explore the properties and laws by which the living world develops but also determine the diversity of plant species. The biologist collects material on topics, […]

The canary in a superbug mine

While documentaries showing penguins raising their young in the middle of perilous blizzards captivates many, in reality, most of our interactions with birds are quickly forgotten, with perhaps the exception of mild annoyance when seagulls steal our chips at the beach. These same seagulls often enjoy a free meal at landfill sites and then clean […]

The epigenetics diet: A barrier against environmental pollution

Early-life dietary nutrition can profoundly affect individual developmental fate and disease prevention. For example, the presence of absence of royal jelly determines whether the larvae of female honey bees develop into a queen (presence of jelly) or a sterile worker (absence of jelly). In a recent review article published in Clinical Epigenetics, we have reported important roles of […]

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